The Best (Allround) Fishing Rig?

There are many fishing rigs to choose from when you are fishing from shore. Each rig serves a different purpose. Some are simple and others are quite complicated. We have a very simple to tie but very effective rig for you for targeting a multitude of different fish! You can use this rig on any beach.

The High-Low rig

In our opinion this is one of the most versatile rigs you can use when fishing on the beach. This rig is used by anglers to double the odds by presenting two hooked baits off the same rig. The hooks are spaced out above the weight, which makes it harder for crabs and other bottom dwellers to steal your bait. Another advantage to this rig is the ability to offer two baits at once, but the downside is having a fixed weight.

When using a high/low rig you need to set the hook quickly or you will risk the fish dropping the bait after feeling the unnatural tension from the weight at the end of your line. But you can easily overcome this problem by using so called circle hooks. Circle hooks are designed so that fish will set the hook on themselves. You don’t have to do the actual hook setting.

High Low rig

Materials Needed:

1 sinker – 2 circle hooks – 1 barrel swivel – 1 fluorocarbon leader (diameter 0.40)

When tied properly, it should remain tangle-free. Using straight-shanked hooks, as opposed to hooks with down-turned eyes, will reduce tangling.

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