Minimum sizes of common species in the Balearic waters.

Please pay attention to the exception rules for specific species and areas. These regulations of course only apply if you want to take the caught fish with you. If you practice Catch & Release, you have nothing to worry about.

Names of the species are mentioned in Catalan / Spanish and Latin (Scientific).

Please also take notice of the general rules & regulations.

Minimum sizes for recreational fishing in coastal waters
minimum sizes balearic islands
Minimum sizes for recreational fishing in marine reserves
minimum sizes in marine reserves balearic islands
Species subject to a catch limit of one specimen per person per day in marine reserves
protected species balearic islands
Species subject to marking inside and outside of reserves.
marking instructions and species

Special minimum sizes apply in the following Balearic marine protected areas / marine reserves (the below blue areas). See above minimum sizes for recreational fishing in marine reserves.

marine reserves balearic islands

Regulations concerning recreational fishing and minimum sizes will change from time to time. Since the permits we request for you come from the government of the Balearic Islands, the permit you receive will always contain the current rules and regulations for the Balearic Islands applicable at the time of issuing the permit. We advise you to always check what the applicable rules are at the moment you exercise your fishing rights in Spain or Canary Islands. Although the rules and regulations in the Spanish territory are very similar, there can still be small differences that you should take into account. Visit the website of the government of Spain, the Balearic Islands or the Canary Islands for the most recent information about regulations and the minimum sizes.

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