Fishing With Hard Body Lures

Why you need to replace the treble hooks

Many anglers use hard lures. And that can of course be an excellent choice, depending on the fishing conditions. There is something you should keep in mind though. The fishing license we provide gives you (outside the marine reserves) the right to use a maximum of 2 rods or lines with 3 hooks each. It is important here to note that one treble hook counts as three hooks. By far the most hard lures often have 1 to 3 treble hooks. If you use a bait that is equipped with 2, 3 or more treble hooks then according to the applicable rules, you would be fishing with 6, 9 or more hooks. But using more than three hooks per rod is not allowed. Fortunately, there is a solution that is also more fish-friendly than treble hooks. To be able to use your favorite hard lures it is wise to replace the treble hooks with single replacement hooks. It’s better for you (you’re less likely to get stuck) and it’s better for the fish (fewer hooks in their mouths, faces or eyes).

But sometimes when you replace your treble hooks for single hooks you start missing strikes. It definitely can happen. In the below video they show you why it happens, as well as how to fix it.

video by Salt Strong

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