4 Ideal Baits For Salt Water Fishing

Ideal baits

Saltwater fish are going to be attracted to different bait than freshwater fish. So if you are used to freshwater fishing, you will have to change things up a little bit as for the bait. There are of course a lot of baits you can use, but some are better than others. Below you can see which types of bait I prefer to use when fishing at sea.


Shrimp are a favorite of many fish species and they are common in salt water. The smell has a great attraction to fish. You can use dead or live shrimp. With shrimp as bait you can expect all kinds of fish in all sizes, certainly not just smaller fish.


Like shrimp, many species of fish are fond of shellfish such as clams, mussels or crabs. The smell is often irresistible to fish. You can also sometimes catch shellfish yourself to use as bait. Fresh shellfish are soft and sometimes difficult to keep on the hook, so thread them on the hook with an elastic band.

Cut Bait

The aroma of cut bait has a special appeal to saltwater fish. Cut ​​bait can be made by cutting up bait fish or smaller fish you caught during the day. Cut bait is effective for all saltwater fish.

Bait Fish

Sardines and other small fish are often used to catch marine fish. Anglers often choose this bait, as predatory fish are naturally attracted to the movement and smell of their prey. Bait fish can be caught with a cast net or float and you can keep them alive in a live well. Keep in mind that some predatory fish only eat live bait.

Experienced anglers often switch tactics, so don’t be afraid to try a new bait!

Never handle your bait with sunscreen, insect repellent or other chemicals on your hands. Fish can smell the chemicals and there is a very good chance that they will swim right past your bait.

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